Artist - Stanislav Iliin

“There are two kinds of art, my friend. The art that teaches you how to chase a dream and the art that helps you to cope with the reality. I’ve always tried to make my art to do both things simultaneously.”

◊ Born on 12.05.72 in Kazan, Tatarstan. 1983 – 1987 studied at the art school; ◊ 1987-1991 studied at the Kazan art college; at 1991 starts teaching at a high school; ◊1993 – 1999 studied in V. I. Surikov Moscow state academic art Institute named at the Russian Academy of arts, at the faculty of monumental painting in the Studio of Professor E. N.Maximov; ◊ Since 1995 an active participant in art exhibitions in Tatarstan, Russia, China, and European countries.

Available artworks