Artwork Printing Options

Wow! There is the whole gamut of printing options  for you to choose from!

Egalitarian Art Gallery chose Pictorem as our exclusive printing service provider.

Pictorem is a top of the league fine art printing company that creates fine art prints of the highest quality available on the market, providing a vast variety of printing methods and media types. 

To facilitate the art selection process, Pictorem provides a powerful Preview tool to view the selected artwork printed in any technique and available size in many different rooms, walls and interiors. 

We’d like our valued customers to educated themselves on fine art printing on the Pictorem website. Getting yourself familiar with the available print products and options and checking how it looks in your interior before you made an order will help you to acquire an artwork piece that you’ve dreamed of. You can get started right here as we put some of the Pictorem videos on this page for your convenience.

Watch Pictorem educational videos

These videos will help you greatly to find the best printing options for your selected artwork and get the best art for your walls. First two videos will introduce you into the art of printing and the next four will tell you about all exuberant printing options: canvas, acrylic, different types of metal prints, and finally, good old paper.