Our Mission

“Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.”

Constantin Stanislavski

We work for those who buy art on a budget, to please their soul, not ego. Vainglory, and money that serves it, have turned fine art market into a travesty, where instead of masterpieces created by talented artists, galleries and auction houses are selling overhyped crap like “a can of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup, signed and numbered by the “can artist” or better yet to say, a con artist. Yeah, just for the modest for $89000!

A tremendous lack of culture and morals allows the hype around certain “artists”, and the byproducts of their life activity they dare to call “art”, systematically destroy the future of art. Talented emerging artists cannot start a successful career in that toxic atmosphere.

We call this travesty “warholization of art” and see our mission in putting an end to it. We are going to reclaim art from the people who have all the money and bring it back to the people who do all the work.

The current technologies are able to reproduce a painting without losing even a tiny bit of its original quality for a very reasonable cost. This technological breakthrough means an incredible opportunity for all emerging artists to show their talent to the world and receive people’s appreciation.

Have Elvis Presley or Paul McCartney ever sold an album for sixty million dollars to a private buyer? No! All great musicians made their wealth selling millions of copies of their songs. We want to create the same type of market for the artists. We also want everyone who loves art to have as many artworks in their collection as songs on their playlists. We are creating a marketing tool that will perfectly match artists and viewers.

It’s not the shady art dealers and their hype and hysteria, nor the big business and its dirty money, or government or the devil himself, should define the ranking and popularity of the artists. We the people have the right to decide, which artist worth what, voting for artists with our wallets. 

 The Mission of Egalitarian Art Gallery is to give the ability to exercise this right to both artists and viewers. We are setting an affordable and equal price for the fine art prints for every artist that we represent. Let the number of sold prints define the popularity of an artist just like the number of sold albums defines the popularity of a musician!