Free Art For Free People

Our Goals

Our art giveaway program is intended to pursue the following goals:

  • Encourage all art lovers to support our cause;
  • Give our customers yet another way to familiarize themselves with our art collection;
  • Help out art lovers in need, who adore contemporary art but cannot afford to spend money on pictures and prints;   
  • Promote our artists and our gallery;
  • Get maximum feedback from our viewers.

Our Rules

We have an agreement with our artists that besides regular sales we’ll be giving away to the public some of their artworks in digital format. Those images are downloadable for free and must be used for educational and recreational purposes only.

Our Gallery imposes a size limitation rule on the free images, to protect the intellectual property of our artists. According to our rule, the longer side of the image cannot exceed 2000 pixels.

An image of that size is large enough to enjoy the art in fullest on any device. At the same time it is small enough to prevent its unauthorized commercial use.

Downloading Instructions

For performance and security reasons our free art is stored and downloadable outside of our gallery website. You can click on this link to start browsing our free art on Google Photos. Please follow the downloading instructions on Google Photos.

Browsing and Updates

We deliberately keep our free art anonymous, unsorted, and not attributed. If you fell in love with a particular picture, browse our regular gallery inventory to find its full size version and make an order. Or just download the free version and enjoy it as a screensaver on your computer. Our curators are updating our free art pool from time to time, so keep coming back and explore our free inventory.

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