Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are a lot of online stores and print shops that sell art prints. How your online art gallery is different from all others?

A: We don’t sell cheap posters. We sell high-end digital reproductions of contemporary art. Our artists have their works professionally scanned and send us digital images.  Our print service provider is staffed with  exceptional printing experts and uses state-of the-art machinery.

Q: So, what do you sell exactly, digital prints or real art, that is, the original artworks?

A: It is a very common fallacy that only the original artwork can be called art. A trashy picture painted by a layman is not art, it’s a piece of ruined canvas. On the contrary, a high-end fine art print that exactly matches the original artwork is definitely art and costs more money than a bad painting.

Q: Is it possible at all that the original work and its digital reproduction could look identical? Is there any difference that can be found and tell the original from the copy?

A: The color and tonal gradations and the shapes look identical to the human eye. The only difference that gives away the copy is that the original painting often has texture while a print has smooth surface. Inexperienced art buyers, who don’t know it, often pay top dollars to the scammers, thinking they bought the original piece when in reality it was a giclee print.

Q: I understand that buying prints instead of original art I can save some money or get more art for the same amount. But don’t I lose the energy and the spirit that the artist put into the original work?

A: In a performance art like music the energy and the spirit of the musician is even more important, isn’t it? But you listen to the recorded music ways more often than a live band. Just like CD’s, art prints save you time and money.

Q: Music and any performance art is intended for a crowd. Wouldn’t you agree that a painting has a more private nature? Don’t you think that some people would love to possess something that is absolutely unique, something that nobody else can have?

A: They already have something absolutely unique that nobody else can’t have –  themselves! You, yourself, are unique and you don’t need any token to add more uniqueness to yourself. We also believe that true human nature is built around sharing beauty, not hoarding or hiding it from other people.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in the art market?

A: We want to earn enough money to start a contemporary art museum where we could exhibit original contemporary art and open it up to the people, selling high-end digital reproductions online. We want all living artist to join our cause and earn the main portion of their income selling prints, just like musicians make most of their money selling CD’s.

Q: Do you really think that artists would agree with your idea to turn their unique art into mass production? What will left out of their elitism if their art would be selling left and right like hot dogs?

A: We strongly believe that artists’ elitism is based only on their talent, hard work and high spirit. Music does not become less great and enjoyable and musicians do not become less loved by their fans just because their CD’s are sold left and right like hot dogs. After all, everything is a matter of habits and traditions, which are subject to change.

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