Artist - Igor Neliubovich

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Born in Gorky in 1948. Graduated from Gorky art College in 1966 and continued his study at the architectural faculty of Gorky civil engineering Institute, graduated in 1971. Lives in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) since 1973 . A member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1999.

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Artist - Nikolai Goloushko

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Artist - Valentin Massow

Most artists are into painting objects using colors, light, and shadows. The subject of my art is light itself. It means, I draw light using objects and their colors.  My art is all about light.

Born in 1937 in Ulyanovsk region, USSR (now Russian Federation). Graduated from Savitski Art college. Pretty soon he developed a very original unique painting style. His art did not sit well with the communist ideology and got him into a lot of trouble. As usual, communist government ostracized him and condemned his art. In order to survive he stopped painting with oil and chose watercolor as his primary medium. He stayed with watercolor for many years till these days.

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Artist - Yury Kraval

What is my art? I think it’s a mix of Albrecht Durer, some cartoon characters and posters of the 19th century, and maybe the first half of the 20th century. All that plus an itty-bitty piece of heaven.

I wouldn’t call myself very religious but I have a constant feeling that the Lord is putting some images into my head and moves my hand, helping me to share those images with you.

Born, raised and keep living in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia. Started his art career as a graphics designer I for magazines and TV. Later on became interested in computer animation. About a decade ago he started doing work on canvas and on paper but still considers a computer his primary tool of trade.

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Artist - Emma Adler

People at the exhibitions often ask me about the best shots I’ve ever made with my camera. They always look surprised when I tell them that my best shots ever were all those shots that I’ve missed.

Born in East Germany when it still was under the communist regime. Got a technical education and worked as a railroad engineer. Soon after the fall of the Berlin wall moved to the United States. For the first fives years lived in the state of Texas and then moved to Florida.

Emma has never had a formal artistic education and never took any photography classes. She is a completely self-taught photography artist and she is proud of it. “I just was born with a camera in my hands”, she likes to say.

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Artist - Yury Tolstov

I like all genres and styles in art, however my favorites are realistic portrait, avant-garde, and abstract painting. Pretty often I mix different styles in one picture to achieve the desired impression. As a professional wood artist, I periodically return to my favorite material. Computer graphics and caricatures are also on my list. Recently I’ve got a new passion for bronze sculpture. However, painting still remains the greatest love of my life.

◊ Born in 1957 in Likino-Dulevo, Moscow region.
◊ 1973-77 studied at the Abramtsevo art and industrial school at the Department of art processing of wood.
◊ 1992-95-participation in exhibitions of Russian artists in Germany and France.
◊ 1998 – exhibition of artists in Orekhovo-Zuev in the Central house of artists. Joining the Union of artists of Russia.
◊ 2003-participation in the” international Biennale 2003 ” Malta.
◊ 2004-participation In the Christmas Antiques Fair in the CHA.
◊ 2005-participation in the Anniversary exhibition of graduates of the Abramtsevo art and industrial school “Artist and Craft” in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.
◊ 2006-participation in the exhibition “60 years of the Orekhovo-Zuyev organization of the Union of artists of Russia”.
◊ 2006-work on the wooden iconostasis for the new Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Malaya Dubna.
◊ 2007-participation in the exhibition of drawings in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.
◊ 2008-participation in the exhibition “City and people” in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.
◊ 2009-participation in the exhibition “Portrait, self-portrait” in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.
◊ 2010-participation in the exhibition of Orekhovo-Zuyev artists in Ivanovo.
◊ 2012-published an article about my work in the German magazine “Ostwind”.
◊ 2013-Guslitsa “House of culture” Special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale.
◊ 2014-participation in the international exhibition “ART SHOPPING ” Paris, Louvre.
◊ 2016 – exhibition of full-scale portrait “View from the canvas” in Orekhovo-Zuyevo.
◊ 2017-participation in the exhibition “70 years of the Orekhovo-Zuyev organization of the Union of artists of Russia”.
◊ 2018-participation in the exhibition “Artists of the Moscow region”, New Jerusalem in Istra.
◊ Works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States.

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Artist - Gennadi Govortsov

” Learning to understand and feel Art is the best way to enlighten your life. Each piece of true art is a living creature with its own character.”

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Artist - Alexandra Fedoulina

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Artist - Andrey Isaev

Painting is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will paint next time!

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Artist - Alexander Petrunin

Alexander Petrunin’s art is known in Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Serbia, and Greece. His works reside in several private collections.
So far he’s had 20+ exhibitions, both solo and group, and many more are expected in the upcoming years.

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