Preview Your Selected Picture in Various Rooms

Right after you clicked on a picture at the gallery wall  you will be brought to the Preview page on the Pictorem website. The screenshot of that page is shown below. On that page you’ll be able to preview the selected picture in many different ways. You can try different printing medium, finishing styles and sizes and choose the combination that suits you the best. Let’s take a close look at this page.

The center of the screen is occupied by the current preview. You can select current preview at the sidebar on the left side of the screen by clicking its thumbnails. The left sidebar shows the previews available for the selected printing option. You can change the printing option by clicking the buttons on the sidebar at the right side of the screen — Canvas, Acrylic, Brushed Metal, etc. However, the sidebars only show you several predefined previews. If you want to examine all available previews, you need to bring up the pop-up window that generates previews on the fly. To do that, click on the icon at the bottom of the right sidebar under the text “See this artwork on various walls”.

Scroll down to the bottom if you want to experiment with background wall color and try different framing options. Click the link “More details about this artwork” at the bottom right corner of the the pop-up window to read the full info about the artwork, the gallery and available printing options.