Artist – Anatoly Annenkov







“Look at me, and you won’t see a thing. Now take another look, and you’ll see everything. Why? That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”



Born in St.Peterburg in 1959. Graduated from the studio of monumental painting of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 and joined the Union Artists of St. Petersburg in the same year. A regular participant of Russian and international art exhibitions. His works are recognized in Russia and worldwide. A number of his paintings are part of private collections in Russia, Germany, United States, France, Switzerland and Finland. Annenkov is one of the renowned representatives of St. Petersburg painting school, who absorbed the best academic traditions. Preferred genres are landscape and still life, adorned by impressionistic manner and classic romanticism.

Anatoly Annenkov’s artworks

Oil on canvas