Artist – Alexander Akhanoff





“I’ve always questioned my choice of trade and my skills but eventually it gave me the power to create my best artworks that I am proud of”.

Born in 1957 in Frolovo, Volgograd region. In 1980 graduated from the Krasnoselsky school of artistic Metal working. Since then regularly participated in art exhibitions and projects. A participant of the first Sotheby’s art sale dedicated to Soviet underground artists in Moscow 1989. His works could be found in many museums and private collections in Russia and abroad, particularly in the Moscow Museum of decorative arts and crafts, Municipal gallery of Kostroma, Tomsk regional art Museum, Free Waldorf school (Lienz, Austria), Walter Montelvo (USA, California), and many others. Currently lives and works in the town of Danilov, Yaroslavl region.

Alexander Akhanoff’s artworks

Oil on canvas