About Our Gallery

Unlike the majority of online art selling resources that are self-served and work on a subscription basis, we are a curated gallery. 

Subscription based art resources have no control over the quality and the price of the artworks that their subscribers put up for sale.

On the contrary, we have long-term relationships with our artists and learn every artwork that they submit to our gallery

As a rule, we only accept artworks in digital format suitable for museum quality fine art prints.

If the original artwork has been created in a medium other that digital, the artist must have it professionally scanned and submit to our gallery the digital copy, not the original.

The selling price of each item consists of the cost of printing and a fixed markup that covers our expenses, including the artist’s royalties. Therefore, the artist’s income depends not on one crazy million-dollar sale but on  a single sale’s royalty amount multiplied by the number of sales.

Our art community is very diverse: we have artists of different ethnicity, faith, gender, upbringing and world outlook.

Our artists work in different genres and styles and use all kinds of media. However, we all strongly believe that fine art must belongs to all the people just like poetry, music, and movies.

We believe that artists should make their wealth by selling digital images of their artworks to millions of viewers just like rock bands sell their songs to millions of listeners.

Our art community is open to all broad-minded artists who have talent, creativity, and unique vision, and who share our belief that art belongs to all people equally, not just to the mean rich dudes who have the money and the nerve to hog a piece of art and not to share it to the world.

The more artists and viewers like you join our cause the sooner we’ll accomplish our mission of bringing art back to the people.

Our Artists

Our Curators

Boca Raton, FL
Alex Shlenski

St. Petersburg, Russia
Arina Petrova

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